Merchants and service providers pay Liquigate for redirecting traffic to their stores. We then reward you in Bitcoin.
Liquigate uses cookies. Cookies are small files that are placed inside the browser of your computer or mobile device. These cookies contain tracking information, informing the merchant provider you visit, that you were redirected to their website, by Liquigate. The service provider then sends us data so that we can update your Liquigate account with the reward value.
Your ability to earn cryptocurrency rewards may be affected if you are using adBlock. You MUST disable your adblock software during your shopping time with us.
A "pending" reward status confirms that our partner store has received a purchase by you. The status will remain as "pending" until the refund period is over, and it will change to "Confirm" as long as you do not return the purchased goods after the refund period is over. A reward can have a "pending" status from 48 hours up to 45 days in some instances. A"Confirm" reward status confirms that the goods can no longer be returned to the merchants and that the transaction is verified by the shop.
It is hard to estimate the exact reward amount, as the percentage is never standard. This happens because merchant offer different rewards for different items.
For example, the same merchant can offer 2% reward on a mobile phone, and 15% on a television. However, ifyou think the reward value is incorrect, reach out and we'll double-check.
In certain occasions, rewards are displayed with delay due to the merchant forwarding the data needed in baches. A pending reward generally displays within 48 hours, but it can take up until 45 days to do so. If a pending reward is not displayed in your dashboard within 7days of, you can submit a ticket and we will follow the case and contact the merchant. Please visit the "Click History" in your Ledger menu, and click "Ask for transaction"
We have no interest in knowing what you purchased. It is your privacy, and we respect that.
We only know the total amount purchased and an orderID. We do NOT receive information of what this orderID represent.
We receive the value of your reward in local currency (£). We convert the value of your reward in Bitcoin, and the moment the status of your order changes from "pending" to "confirm", we lock the Bitcoin amount and purchase it from a cryptocurrency exchange.
We acquire Bitcoin and other digital assets from local and international exchanges at the best available rates.
From your dashboard, you can request a payout of your reward as soon as it's status has changed to "confirm". All rewards are sent within 48 hours of the request.
Minimum payouts are currently set at 0.0003 BTC. The minimum payout might change from time to time. There is a fee added when withdrawn to a bitcoin address. This fee is shown at the time of the withdrawal.
We recommend users the following:
Before making an online purchase, make sure that you visit Liquigate.You must make sure to complete your purchase during the same session origination from our website.
If you get redirected to a shop but complete a purchase the next day, or if you delete cookies or perform other activities that will result in cookies breaking, the transaction might not get tracked and hence result in a loss. To avoid such a case, simply make sure to revisit the merchant via our website.If you want to make a purchase from a merchant that is not on our list, you can send us an email and we will try our best to integratewith them.
Invite friends and family to earn from 1-10% commision for a LIFETIME. Simply copy the link from the referral page, and share.
Liquigate has partnerd with merchants all over the world, and though we are based in UK, as long as you can shop with one of our partners, you will be able to use to our service.
There are certain occassions and countries that are permited from using our services. Please refer to our terms of service for more details.
Our goal is to find ways of generating wealth to our users. Building wealth is a long-run game, and it starts with slow accumulation. Brick by brick. A bean at a time. Though cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile and risky, stats show that if you bought 1$ worth ofBitcoin for the past 4 years on a weekly basis (209$), you would have a balance of $734. This is a 251.40% growth.
When shopping, we tend to spend much more than 1$ a week. When using our services you take a chance of earning something, and in exchange, you have LITERALLY nothing to lose.